Access Control and Locks

Access control systems and locks are about controlling who can go where and when. These systems integrate with physical barriers to provide delay and detection against a multitude of attackers.

Controlling access can be done via: Automatic Access Control Systems (AACS) that control a number of doors across a single or multiple site; and locks (electronic or mechanical) that control access to a single door.

CPNI tested and assured AACS encompass a number of different technologies which combine to make a complete system: Access control devices – the ‘brains’ of the system – and Tokens and readers – normally a pass and reader used to open a door.

AACS systems can also be linked with a biometrics system to provide further assurance about the user.

CPNI assess locks across a number of different categories: Cylinder locks, cabinet combination locks, padlocks and associated hardware.

The cylinders and cabinet combination locks that CPNI assess can be either mechanical only, or mechanical and electronic.