Action Upon Discovery of any Suspicious Delivered Item

You could discover a suspicious item in a mail room, or anywhere else in the building - ensure you have appropriate emergency response plans in place. 

Avoid unnecessary handling and X-raying

  • if you are holding the item, put it down on a cleared flat surface 
  • keep it separate so it is easily identifiable 
  • do not move it, even to X-ray it 
  • if it is in an X-ray facility, leave it there

Move away immediately

  • clear immediate area and each adjacent room, including rooms above and below 
  • if there is any suggestion of chemical, biological or radiological materials, move those directly affected to a safe location close to the incident - keep these individuals separate from those not involved 
  • prevent others approaching or accessing the cleared areas.

Do not use mobile phones or two-way radios in the cleared area or within fifteen metres of the suspect package.

Communicate regularly with staff, visitors and the public.

Notify police

  • if the item has been opened, or partially opened prior to being deemed suspicious, it is vital that this is communicated to the police 
  • ensure informants and witnesses remain available to brief the police, and that the accuracy of their observations is preserved: encourage witnesses immediately to record their observations in writing, and discourage them from discussing the incident or their observations with others prior to the arrival of the police.