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Personnel Security

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New LinkedIn Channel

Blog publish date is 21 April 2022

CPNI have launched a LinkedIn account to enable us to reach a wider audience with our protective security guidance, advice, campaigns and other products.

Espionage - It still happens and it still matters

Blog publish date is 27 August 2021

The Director General of Mi5 noted in his annual threat update hostile states seeking to spy on certain governments is as old as the hills. Nevertheless, it still happens, and it still matters.

Social Engineering - If something seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Blog publish date is 20 July 2021

Individuals and organisations should be aware of the threat from a variety of types of social engineering attacks

Unlocking from Lockdown - Personnel and People Security implications

Blog publish date is 12 April 2021

The easing of lockdown and move towards business as usual (BAU) provides sites and organisations with incredible opportunities to review and establish secure new ways of working

ACT Early

Blog publish date is 05 March 2021

CT policing launch safeguarding website, providing advice, guidance and support for anyone who is concerned that someone they know may be at risk from being radicalised by terrorists or extremist content online