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Blog publish date is 09 September 2021 Security Planning

Security Institute launches Diversity and Inclusion Questionnaire

People are the life blood of our profession, they bring the skills, expertise and passion our profession needs to protect lives and infrastructure. CPNI is committed to supporting and developing the profession to ensure we have the very best people delivering protective security.

One of the ways we can achieve this, is by ensuring we are attracting as wide a range of people as possible to join our profession. The wider pool of people we attract the greater the range of skills and expertise we will be able to draw on and the stronger the profession will become.

To do this we need to understand who is in the profession now. The Security Institute is running a short survey of the profession, to collect this information. This will give us the data on who we are not reaching, so we can make them aware of the exciting opportunities protective security can provide.

We would like to encourage you to complete the survey now, to make our profession stronger in the future.

Diversity and Inclusivity Questionnaire

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About CPNI

CPNI is the government authority for protective security advice to the UK national infrastructure and is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI)






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