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CPS Plus

GPS Perimeter Systems Ltd.

CPS Plus

Category: Detection Systems

Sub Category: Barrier Mounted Detection

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The system is a microphonic sensor cable.

This system has been assessed over a section of Anti-Intruder Weld Mesh Fence. One run of sensor cable was attached to the 15th strand from the top of the fence using 2 mm width black plastic cable ties every 100 mm to 150 mm.

The Anti-Intruder Weld Mesh Fence is built to BS 1722 Pt10 and is:

  • a rolled welded mesh;
  • apertures of 75 mm vertical x 25 mm horizontal and 3 mm strand thickness;
  • height of the fence fabric is 2.4 m;
  • topped with three strands of barbed wire;
  • overall height of 2.9 m to the top strand of barbed wire; and
  • each bay is 3 m in width and buried 300 mm into the ground.