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Category: Access Control Equipment

Sub Category: Automatic Access Control Sytems

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Offering flexible system design, EntroWatch provides a scalable solution with seamless system expansion and customisable user interfaces.




EntroWatch: System Controller software

Backplane – 12268: The 4-way backplane supports one ACP together with any combination of TDEM or IOM modules.

Access Control Processor (ACP) - 12276: Plug in BACnet access control processor supporting 2 doors/4readers and expandable up to 8 doors by the addition of TDEM modules.

Two Door Expansion Module (TDEM) – 12280: Plug in two door/4 readers access control module.

Input Output Module (IOM) - 12271/12281: Plug in compact general purpose module capable of 24 “logical” supervised alarms and 8 relay outputs.

Input Termination Units (ITUs): Used for providing input tamper protection and must be fitted to each monitored physical input. There are three types of ITU as follows:
a. Red Circuit Type EW5001P (30-off per pack)
b. Yellow Circuit Type EW6001P (30-off per pack)
c. Green Circuit Type EW7001P (30-off per pack)

Features include:
- Secure BACnet communications to local controllers
- Peer to peer I/O mapping
- Programmable manual, automatic and scheduled actions
- ONVIF Profile S video client
- Global anti-passback
- Interlock facility
- Fire door support
- Custom card format editor
- Custom badge designer
- Customisable dashboards
- Alarm resolution codes
- Access door verification

When powered up out of the box the modules automatically assume default configurations. Changes to the default configuration can be made via EntroWatch.