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FT 1600 S

Gallagher Security (Europe) Limited

FT 1600 S

Category: Detection Systems

Sub Category: Barrier Mounted Detection

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The system has been assessed on a 50 metre section of 3 metre high palisade fence.

The approved electrified fence has horizontal wire spacing of 60mm for the bottom 1.7 m (28 wires) and 91mm above 1.7m. The top 3 wires will also be spaced at 60mm.

There shall be one additional 1.5m (25 wire) high dropper post between the fence intermediate posts. Alternate insulators are to be secured with the Gallagher security pin to a height of 1.5m and for the top 3 wires.

The height of the Gallagher FT 1600S shall be the height of the host fence plus a minimum of 1.6m acting to form a topping

For example a 3.0m high host fence would require a minimum 4.6m electrified system.The host fence strength, (including foundations), must be suitable to provide support for a tension-wire system.