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Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System

Shooter Detection Systems

Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System

Category: Detection Systems

Sub Category: Gunshot Detection Systems

Standard Tested To: Gunshot Detection Systems V1.0 2018

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The Guardian simultaneously detects gunfire and relays this information via a floor plan map, text and email with shot location. System/Sensor maintenance alerts can also be programmed to go to specific individuals via text and email. Additional modules can be configured to automate security and notification systems such as building alarms, lights/strobes, video, access control, computer-aided police dispatch (CAD), etc. Guardian sensors can be installed into existing building infrastructure through a flush wall/ceiling or surface mount for impenetrable structures. The system configuration is fully scalable to the area of desired coverage.

Size and Weight

Faceplate – 4.6in (117cm)

Depth from Faceplate – 1in (2.54cm)

Depth from Sensors – 1.5in (3.81cm)

Coverage Area – 2500 sf (233 M2) per sensor

<0.5 lbs (<0.25kg)


Detection and Performance

Dual Mode: Acoustic (muzzle blast) and Infrared (muzzle flash)

Firearms: Small and large caliber

Detection Rate of Speed: <1 second


Power and Network Interface

Standard Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

802.3 10/100M Ethernet

CAT5 Cable Minimum

Supports Static and DHCP IP Addressing

802.3af Compliant

Low Power Class 2 Device

Power Draw <1 Watts


Mounting Options and Aesthetic

Standard Dual Gang Electrical Box

Low-voltage Frame

Flush in Wallboard or Ceiling Tile

Surface Mount Box for Concrete/Brick Structures

Color: White (Factory Default) or Custom


Temperature Rating

0C to 45C