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Intrepid Micropoint II

Southwest Microwave Limited

Intrepid Micropoint II

Category: Detection Systems

Sub Category: Barrier Mounted Detection

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MicroPoint II Fence Detection System detects cut or climb attempts to within 1.1 metres. With a coverage area of 400 metres per processor, the system consists of a Processor Module and two sensor cables that are tie-wrapped to a perimeter fence or topper wire.

The system has been assessed on the following fence types:
50 metre section of 3.0 Metre high welded mesh fence (358 or Super 6) with a 980mm short barbed taped concertina supported on 2 No Galvanized line wires fixed to T bars fitted at each post.

MicroPoint II Fence Detection System comprises of MicroPoint Cable and three (3) modules: Processor Module II (PM II), Link Unit II (LU II), and Termination Unit II (TU II). Each PM II processes data from two lengths of cable (A and B). Each length of cable can be up to 220 metres. Both A and B cables must be terminated in a TU II or an LU II. An LU II terminates detection from the cable and interconnects two PM IIs for power and data while a TU II terminates a cable. The system is modular and can easily be extended with no limit on perimeter length.

MicroPoint Cable (standard MC-115 or armoured MC-315) is attached to the fence or topping by plastic or metal cable ties placed approximately every 23 cm.  

A JB70A protection module provides protection of data and power lines against lightning, EMI, RFI, and other induced voltages. The system can be powered by standard DC voltage power supplies of 12, 24 or 48 VDC. 

The system utilises a Universal Installation Service Tool II (UIST II), a Microsoft Windows™ based software, for installation and service. The UIST runs on a standard PC or laptop and is also used in the calibration process to set the sensitivity profile for each 1.1 metre increments along the fence line. This profile is then used to create the alarm threshold. Zoning is managed through software and is independent from hardware.

MicroPoint II fence detection system can be integrated with 3rd party alarm management software. Several Controller options are available to report alarms via relays, graphic map or serial communications per site requirements.