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Rhino Sliding Folding and Sliding Doors

Rhino Systems Ltd

Rhino Sliding Folding and Sliding Doors

Category: Doors, Tubestiles, Turnstiles and Locking Hardware

Sub Category: Hangar Doors

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Rhino large access doors are available in different configurations – sliding, folding and sliding/folding, and can be either manually operated or electrically operated.  These doors can be designed to suit portals up to 30m wide and 8m high.

Steel faced, steel framed, large vehicle access doors are top hung with bottom ground track for guidance and enhanced security.  Operated either manually or by electric push-button operation, with either manual or electronic ground bolts.  Personnel ‘wicket’ doors with CPNI locking systems can be added to the doors.


Interlocking seals around the door edges provide sealing against weather ingress and air leakage.  Door operation can be one-way, two-way or bi-parting, and available in different colours and finishes.