Employment Screening

Robust employment screening policies and procedures are essential in organisations meeting their legal obligations and setting a foundation for a safe and secure workplace.


Employment screening comprises the procedures involved in deciding an individual’s suitability to hold employment in a given job role. This is not limited to ‘new joiners’, but also individuals who are moving between job roles within an organisation. A suitable level of screening should be applied to all individuals who are provided access to organisational assets including permanent, temporary and contract workers.

Appropriate screening measures help to provide cost effective and legally compliant assurance that only the right people, in the right job roles, are working within your organisation.

The application of screening measures will vary across organisations and across job roles. Basing screening decisions on thorough security risk assessments will ensure that any measures adopted will be proportionate to the risks and make best use of valuable resources.

As part of an overarching protective security strategy the appropriate application of pre-employment screening will:

  • deter applicants who may wish to harm your organisation from applying for employment
  • detect individuals with an intent to harm your organisation at the recruitment/application phase
  • deny employment to individuals intending to harm your organisation, and deny employment in roles for which the applicant is unsuitable.

Other Resources

GOV.UK provides information on what checks employers can make on job applicants.

Take Another Look: ID Verification

This short film highlights the importance of verifying a person’s identity and the authenticity of their identity documents as part of the recruitment process. It also serves as a refresher for those who have undertaken identity and document verification training.

Accompanying the film is a handy desktop checklist, which reinforces key messages in the film.

The DVD-ROM also includes the Operation FAIRWAY PDF document ‘A Guide to Document Awareness’.

Copies of the DVD and checklist can be obtained by emailing [email protected].

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