Engaging with Us

There are a number of ways in which you can engage with us.

If you have a general enquiry or need help on incident management please go to the Contact Us page for further information.

From time to time we may let you know about particular calls to support our R&D work.

Product Assurance

CPNI assures a wide range of physical security products for use on critical national infrastructure (CNI) sites. This assurance is provided against the national security threats.  Where possible CPNI uses international or national standards; where these standards do not exist CPNI sponsors standards either as a Publicly Available Specifications (PAS), suitably recognised standard or creates a CPNI standard. CPNI often uses international or national standards as a baseline for CPNI standards, certification against these standards may be a requirement for CPNI testing.

Applications for evaluation

CPNI uses a range of funding models to ensure best value for money, tailored to particular product areas. Once a product has been selected for evaluation the appropriate test organisation will contact the manufacturer. Before a product is tested manufacturers will be required to provide detailed product information. At this stage manufacturers will be advised on the post-trial feedback they can expect.

Engagement Days

CPNI hosts manufacturers’ engagement days, which provide the opportunity to learn more about CPNI and its testing process. The days are also an opportunity to understand CPNI’s requirements better and to learn about the development of CPNI’s standards.

Secure Destruction Service Assurance

As with security equipment, CPNI also provides assurance for secure destruction services. CPNI’s assurance scheme for destruction services provides organisations forming the UK national infrastructure with a catalogue of service providers that have been assessed against CPNI security standards. Successful applicants will be granted permission to use the CPNI trademark for marketing purposes alongside the specific service that has been assessed and listed in the CPNI catalogue.

CPNI Testing Programmes

CPNI runs a testing programme throughout the year and will advise of forthcoming planned tests.

PIDS/Electric Fence Evaluations

Please note that CPNI will not be conducting funded evaluations of PIDS in financial year 2018/19. If a manufacturer wishes to finance the evaluation of electric fence products themselves we will try to facilitate this. Any evaluation will be conducted under the same conditions as CPNI funded tests, adhering to the same standard and employing the same pass/fail criteria. Any evaluation will be conducted by a CPNI approved test house at the expense of the manufacturer. You should apply to CPNI for more details using the Contact Us facility on this website.