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Public Vigilance guidance during mourning period

Last Updated 15 September 2022

During this time of national mourning, it is important that security is not overlooked and that all staff and the public remain vigilant. This is especially important in areas where mourners will gather to watch processions, broadcasts. events or to join long queues either for lying-in-state, or to sign books of condolence.

Police and security forces have a critical role to play in public safety and security, but all local businesses and the public have a role to play.

See Check and Notify (SCaN) for All Staff

This SCaN for All Staff film is designed for all employees across an organisation, venue or event, to increase their awareness of hostile reconnaissance and how they can help to counter it. 

Employee vigilance

Employee vigilance poster

How your employees behave is a key indicator of your organisation's attitude to security. Vigilant security behaviour will show any hostile individual watching that it's not just security guards and CCTV they need to worry about. Alert employees are just as likely to spot suspicious activity and report it. 

CPNI has developed an Employee Vigilance campaign to help you instil vigilance behaviours in your employees, which in turn will help them become an active part of your protective security regime.  

Public vigilance- social media

SMC ACT Guidance

Counter Terrorism Policing have created a number of social media assets that can be used to encourage staff, customers and visitors to remain vigilant that are specific to this time of national mourning.

We encourage you to make use of these materials, to ask people to remain vigilant, trust their instincts and report suspicious activity


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