COVID-19 Workplace Actions

Campaign Details

The CPNI COVID-19 Workplace Actions campaign is a behaviour change campaign that we have developed for use within our own organisation. We developed the campaign to help encourage the right behaviours in our own premises and meet the paramount need to ensure that we can deliver our mission whilst keeping our employees as safe as possible.

This is not a standard CPNI security behaviour campaign and it has also been produced primarily to meet our own needs and operating environment . However, we believe many other organisations are in a similar position to ours or will be over the next coming months. Organisations will need their employees and visitors to undertake the correct social distancing and hygiene behaviours effectively in order to continue operating or to return to a position of where their missions can be delivered safely, which is vital both to the re-opening of the economy and delivery of key services.

The CPNI COVID-19 Workplace Actions campaign was developed rapidly within a two-week period. Evaluation of the campaign has not yet been undertaken as we continue to refine and evolve the campaign as it is rolled out internally. The campaign has been based on our sound and established behavioural science approaches and aligned with current government advice. 

CPNI also offer a collection of off-the-shelf behaviours change campaigns to help organisations mitigate a range of common people-related security risks. These materials are free and can be downloaded here.

Campaign material  

This is very much a "living" campaign that will continue to be updated on the website. The toolkit comprises of:

  • step-by-step guidance on how to run and implement the campaign
  • a suite of downloadable, editable print and digital posters
  • other materials that can be adapted and used within your organisation/site should you choose to do so

Register interest and feedback

Please register your interest in using this campaign by emailing [email protected] to keep you informed of updates to the campaign as it evolves and provide us with your feedback on the campaign, in particular:

  • is this campaign of use to you? If so why?
  • are there any additional materials that may be missing that you may need? 
  • is there anything else we can do to improve guidance or the campaign?   

Related advice and guidance 

As the COVID-19 situation and government guidance is frequently evolving and changing, organisations are strongly encouraged to consider the use of this campaign in line with the current government advice:


COVID-19 guidance for employees, employers and businesses

Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy - Latest documents

If your IT does not allow you to download the zip files below please follow this link.