Employee vigilance campaign

Campaign details

How your employees behave is a key indicator of your organisation’s attitude to security. Vigilant security behaviour will show any hostile individual watching that it’s not just security guards and CCTV they need to worry about. Alert employees are just as likely to spot suspicious activity and report it.

CPNI has developed an Employee Vigilance campaign to help you instill vigilance behaviours in your employees, which in turn will help them become an active part of your protective security regime.

This guidance helps organisations to understand what constitutes good and bad employee vigilance security behaviour; and then demonstrates how to communicate it to the workforce. It provides the tools to run a ‘security-minded behaviour’ campaign, including links to professionally designed supporting materials.

We have generated this guidance as a result of our research, including into reconnaissance conducted by hostiles (individuals who want to harm or disrupt your people, assets or reputation).

We have provided a number of materials that will support an organisation in running a vigilance behaviour campaign, including posters, wallet cards, draft communications and intranet articles which can be amended to suit your

Next steps:

The impact of this guidance is improved when it is used in conjunction with other CPNI guidance, such as Security-Minded Comms, Deterrence Communications and Understanding Hostile Reconnaissance. By combining the techniques in these and other guides, by ‘layering’ deterrence messages, organisations can help improve staff vigilance and ensure that hostiles are confronted at every stage of their planning process.

For further information on the materials, to share feedback, or for editable versions (as Indesign files) please email [email protected].

The campaign materials consist of the following

  • 6x posters
  • 2x wallet cards
  • 2x editable briefing packs 
  • 5x editable communications material