It’s OK to Say

Campaign detail

The materials provided as part of the ‘It’s OK to Say’ education programme are intended to support organisations with educating staff on identifying and reporting unusual or concerning workplace behaviours, and in setting up mechanisms to promote the appropriate intervention. Education on these behaviours will help to build resilience to insider risks and a stronger security culture for the organisation and its people.

CPNI research and work with organisations has frequently highlighted the issue of under-reporting or a lack of intervention by employees when counter-productive and/or unusual behaviours are observed in the workplace. Such behaviours have often been seen to be pre-cursors to insider activity or welfare issues.

The programme has been developed on the basis of in-depth end-user research with large organisations across the critical national infrastructure and follows the principles of CPNI’s ‘Embedding security behaviours: the 5 Es’. A number of materials have been produced as part of this programme – organisations should take care to ascertain the pre-requisites before implementation in order to gain maximum impact. We would not, for example, recommend running the animation without setting the context of the threat.

Reporting on colleagues is a sensitive subject and it may be that your organisation needs to consider other initiatives before implementing this programme. Campaigns provided by CPNI include the Workplace Behaviours Campaign and the Line Managers Campaign. Both of these promote basic good security practices and how to implement them in the workplace.

In addition, the impact of the ‘It’s OK to Say’ programme may be improved when combined with products such as the Employee Assurance Tools and the Employee Vigilance materials. Please contact CPNI if you require further advice.

The campaign materials consist of the following:

  • Programme Overview – introduction and checklist for how to run the programme
  • Detailed Guidance – step-by-step approach to planning, implementing and evaluating the programme
  • Training slides – a slide set for use when educating employees on the threat and the organisation’s intervention mechanisms
  • A 3-minute animation – intended as a light-hearted warm-up to the topic, to be shown in the context of the serious messages of the programme. See below (there is also a storyboard)
  • 8 posters (2 sets of designs) – with space for organisations to add their own reporting mechanisms
  • Reminder cards – with space for organisations to add their own reporting mechanisms
  • A selection of images and stills relating to the animation – intended for organisations to use on their intranet or on other communications that support the programme

It’s OK to Say

These materials are UK Crown Copyright and are provided for organisations’ internal use only. For further information on the materials or to share feedback, please email [email protected].