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The Security Institute

The Security Institute promotes the highest possible standards of integrity and professional competence in the business of security

Last Updated 24 February 2021


The Security Institute is the UK’s largest professional membership body for security professionals. Since 2000 they have been working to promote the highest possible standards of integrity and professional competence in the business of security. Whatever you are looking to achieve in your security career, membership of the Security Institute can help you exceed your goals.

Who should join?

The Security Institute welcomes applications for membership from professional security practitioners including:

  • Providers of Security goods and Guarding services
  • Corporate security Supervisors, Managers and Directors
  • Security Managers in the public sector
  • Individuals currently serving in the Civil Service, the Police and the Armed Forces
  • Providers of Security education including Trainers and Academics
  • Security Consultants

Please note – membership applies to the person, not the organisation.

Grades of Membership

There are many levels of membership available and your level will be determined by your experience. Please contact Paula, the Security Institute Membership Manager, for further details.


The Security Institute is keen to promote personal development through education and qualifications.

To join

Please send your CV to the Security Institute and their Membership Manager will suggest the most suitable route for you.   

Further details can be found on the Security Institute website.

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