Security Messages for New Joiners

Security messages for new joiners (guidance on providing security information during the first 12 months of the employee lifecycle).

The induction of new joiners is a key entry point at which their perception of security in the organisation is formed.

This provides an opportunity to embed the desired security mind-set and behaviour in your employees from the outset, which is important in building and maintaining a good security culture.

The guidance covers what information to give, when, and how, over the first 12 months of the employee lifecycle.

It has been designed to support security managers, hiring managers, and others in your organisation responsible for inducting new joiners, to best communicate your security policies, processes and ways of working.


    The Security Messages for New Joiners guidance explains:

    • how to make security meaningful for new joiners 
    • what new joiners need to know and do to be secure 
    • when and how to communicate these security messages 
    • how to evaluate your security messages 
    • CPNI’s supporting resources to help you design and deliver security messages 
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