Security Walling Systems

Security walling systems can be used to provide enhanced levels of security around important assets, sensitive material or people. There are  systems on the market designed to meet a range of threats including:

  • Resistance to forcible entry 
  • Ballistic resistance
  • Blast protection (either external or internal)
  • Evidence of attempted surreptitious entry

Typical applications include for example:

  • Secure working areas
  • Secure rooms
  • Security control rooms
  • Protected spaces, including safe havens
  • Armouries

Where there is a need to use security walling systems, the following considerations should be taken into account:

  • the need to protect against more than one type of threat (e.g. blast and ballistic attack, blast, ballistic and forced entry resistance etc).  It is not uncommon for products on the market to specialise in the protection against one type of threat rather than multiple threats
  • that doors, windows and other openings provide a comparable level of security
  • that the rooms/area themselves are located in the least vulnerable locations
  • that the requirements for protection against surreptitious attack are not confused with providing protection against more violent threats
  • for protection against surreptitious attack, it is important to confirm that the requirements cannot be delivered through the use of alternative and potentially cheaper solutions; for example using a secure container to protect against sensitive documents rather than building a whole room to secure such items.

There is a diversity of  security walling systems available some of which are modular  allowing secure spaces to be retrofitted into an existing building environment. Before making  modifications to the building, it is necessary to ensure that floors and the building frame are capable of taking the additional weight of the walling and any items placed within.

Clients of CPNI should contact their adviser for further information on suitable solutions. Other readers should engage the services of a reputable security consultant with demonstrable experience in the relevant area.

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