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Surveillance Camera Day - 20 June 2019

Surveillance Camera Day, 20 June 2019, is a national event to encourage a conversation about the use of surveillance cameras in modern society.

Surveillance Camera Day is being organised by the Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s (SCC) office in conjunction with the Centre for Research into Information, Surveillance and Privacy (CRISP).

CPNI are fully supportive and engaged with the SCC and while you will not hear much of the cross-government engagement work that goes on within CPNI, we are working with the SCC to ensure that all the good material that comes from the Surveillance Camera Commissions office is as relevant to, and able to be adopted by, the critical national infrastructure as anyone else.

CPNI has always been a strong advocate of the Operational Requirements process and ensuring that any technology (including surveillance cameras) are fit for purpose and used proportionality. This is exactly what the SCC is helping the UK with and what Surveillance Camera Day is about discussing, it is about keeping communities (and national infrastructure) safe and secure.

Surveillance Camera Day will also see the release of the Secure by Default standard for video surveillance systems. Secure by Default ensures that the default configuration settings of a product are secure. The standard includes a set of minimum requirements that will provide a baseline level of Secure by Default, whilst still balancing the needs for a user-friendly experience for the installer and system integrator. Manufacturers will need to complete and submit a self-assessment to the SCC team for validation. If successful they will be able to list the component or system as SCC approved and display the SCC certification mark.

Remember that CPNI also has a cyber-assurance scheme,the Cyber Assurance of Physical Security Systems (CAPSS). The CAPSS standard is a third party accreditation scheme that provides in-depth assurance for a whole range of IP connected physical security systems. Watch out on Surveillance Camera Day for more updates on CAPSS.