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Criminals and hostile actors may act anonymously or dishonestly online in an attempt to connect with people who have access to valuable and sensitive information. They often do this by posing as recruiters or talent agents who will approach individuals with enticing opportunities, when their real intent is to gather as much information as possible from the target. The consequences of engaging with these profiles can damage individual careers, as well as the interests of your organisation, and the interests of UK national security and prosperity. This guidance provides practical advice on how to identify them, how to respond, and how to minimise the risk of being targeted in the first instance.

The Threat

What? Hostile actors using online platforms to approach individuals

Why? Recruitment of UK nationals to provide them with senstitive information

How? Approaching individuals online offering 'unique' business opportunities

Who?  Those who:

  • Identify as an employee or member of HMG or Civil Service
  • Identify as working in the private sector or academia with access to classified or commercially sensitive technology or research


  • Guidance for staff
  • Guidance for organisations
  • Guidance flyer
  • Poster sets

Downloads are available in single, IDML, INDD print formats, as well as digital web compatible files. Please contact [email protected] if you require support, have feedback, or would like to report a malicious profile.

Please note: some of the files below can only be accessed through Adobe in-design. If you do not have in-design, then you will not be able to download these files.


Think before you link - Glitch


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