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Rhino Folding Doorset

Rhino Systems Ltd

Rhino Folding Doorset

Category: Doors, Tubestiles, Turnstiles and Locking Hardware

Sub Category: Hangar Doors

Standard Tested To: MFES v1.0 (Building Fabric):

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Four-leaf centre-parting folding doorset with plain leaves and the option to operate the leaves either manually or with a transom mounted motorised control system.

The specimen tested suited a structural aperture measuring 3995 mm wide by 2565 mm high. 

The doorset may be secured by a combination of the following:

  • Fleet Lock plus a pair of drop bolts (manual locking option); or
  • Motor plus a pair of drop bolts (electric locking option).

No external lock operation was available on this doorset in either locking mode. 

The doorset evaluated was summarised on the following document(s) available from the manufacturer:

  • 8853-21-00 - Page 1 of 13 (Revision 0, dated 21/05/21) – General arrangement drawing
  • 8853-21-00 - Page 11 of 13 (Revision 0, dated 21/05/21) – Ironmongery and fittings (manual locking option)
  • 8853-21-00 - Page 12 of 13 (Revision 0, dated 21/05/21) – Electrical information (electric locking option)

Specifiers and end users that deviate from the locking hardware, door dimensions or any other feature stated, do so at their own risk.