Catalogue of Security Equipment

The Catalogue of Security Equipment (CSE) is available to help security practitioners to identify appropriate physical security equipment. 

The CSE provides a range of products that have been evaluated against specific CPNI security standards and the performance rating achieved.  As CPNI does not assess manufacturing standards or equipment reliability, users should ensure that products selected are chosen using good procurement practices and due diligence to address non-security aspects of the product.

The CPNI standards which underpin the evaluation of all security products listed within the CSE, typically relate to one of the following threats:

  • Physical attack -  with products given a ‘Protection Level’ rating
  • Surreptitious attack - with products given a ‘CLASS’ rating

When choosing a product against a specific requirement, it is important not to confuse the ‘CLASS’ and ‘Protection Level’ systems, as the attack methods, type and level of resistance are very different.

Whilst due care has been taken in the preparation of this catalogue; details should always be checked with your CPNI contact, the product supplier or manufacturer when ordering.


To overcome any potentially misleading claims, the CPNI trademark is issued to manufacturers for the identification of products that have been successfully evaluated against CPNI standards. The trademark can be used in open source advertising. It is CPNI's intent to identify and take legal action against any organisation found to be misusing the CPNI trademark.

The CPNI trademark and official form of words is issued to manufacturers of security products that have been successfully evaluated and awarded a CPNI Protection Level.

Only the specific product that has been evaluated can be advertised alongside the CPNI trademark, not the company or product range as a whole. For example, the CPNI logo can be used in conjunction with product specific literature but NOT used on a company website home page.


Further information relating to the CSE

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