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CPNI is the UK national technical authority for physical and personnel protective security advice

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Passport to Good Security

Key principles for a more secure organisation

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Take the tour – learn how to protect your most sensitive or important assets

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What We Do

We are leaders in security, providing resources, guidance and expert advice to help protect and keep your business secure from external threats.

Security Manufacturer's Conference - Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 March 2018

CPNI will be hosting a security manufacturer’s conference which will give our physical security research and development teams the opportunity to provide an update on their latest research projects, policies and guidance.  Further information, including details on how to apply, can be found on the Engaging with Us page by scrolling down to Engagement Days.

Our Advice & Expertise


Senior leaders need to understand key principles of protective security to guide strategic decision-making.

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CPNI’s protective security methodology is based on the core principles of Deter, Detect and Delay.

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Effective physical security of an asset is achieved by multi-layering the different measures, what is commonly referred to as ‘defence-in-depth’.

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About CPNI

CPNI is the government authority for protective security advice to the UK national infrastructure. Our role is to protect national security by helping to reduce the vulnerability of the national infrastructure to terrorism and other threats.

CPNI in Context

Government policies that impact the work of CPNI include the National Security Strategy, National Risk Register and Counter Terrorism Strategy.

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CPNI Office

Critical National Infrastructure

Critical elements of national infrastructure where loss or compromise would result in major detrimental impact on the availability, delivery or integrity of essential services, leading to severe economic or social consequences or to loss of life.

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National Infrastructure Tower

Who We Work With

CPNI works with partners in government, police, industry and academia to identify risks to and reduce the vulnerability of the national infrastructure, focusing in particular on critical national infrastructure.

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