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Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure

We are the UK government’s National Technical Authority for physical and personnel protective security.

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Public Realm Design Guide for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Hostile vehicle mitigation
Public Realm Design Guide for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

This guide provides information and impetus to those responsible for integrating Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) into the public realm, in order to manage the threat from terrorist vehicle attacks

alt= Security Projects and Initiatives
Information Security: best practice for the construction sector

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) are delighted to announce new guidance on the holistic security approach Joint Ventures should adopt to protect any sensitive information they manage

Personnel security
It’s OK to Say

Identify and report unusual or concerning workplace behaviours, and promote the appropriate intervention

Security officers dealing with an incident Technology & control rooms
Incident Response & Command & Control

Effective Command and Control is critical to mitigating the impact of terrorist incidents. Information is provided that is intended to enhance the capability of Security Control Room (SCR) operators

CPNI provides expert advice, research and development to support

  1. Countering Terrorism
  2. Countering Activities by Hostile States
  3. Protecting the Public

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