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We are the UK government’s National Technical Authority for physical and personnel protective security.

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Think Before You Link

Practical advice on how to identify malicious profiles, how to respond, and how to minimise the risk of being targeted in the first instance.

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Unlocking from Lockdown - Personnel and People Security implications

The easing of lockdown and move towards business as usual (BAU) provides sites and organisations with incredible opportunities to review and establish secure new ways of working

Busy Street Hostile vehicle mitigation
High Street Hospitality: Protective Security Considerations

On the 22nd February the UK Government published its  ‘Guidance COVID-19 Response - Spring 2021’ detailing a staged roadmap to easing of lockdown

COVID-19 Your colleagues need you to poster Security campaigns
COVID-19 Workplace Actions

This campaign has been based on our sound and established behavioural science approaches and aligned with current government advice

CPNI provides expert advice, research and development to support

  1. Countering Terrorism
  2. Countering Activities by Hostile States
  3. Protecting the Public

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