What is Trusted Research?

Learn about the three steps to protect your research

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Over half our scientific papers have international co-authors, and 72% of active researchers in the UK are internationally mobile

In 2017-18 17% of UK universities’ research income was from international sources (£1.39bn out of £8.2bn)

The UK’s scientific research institutions are ranked second in the world for quality

"Stability, certainty and trust are required if successful international research collaborations are to be fostered"

(Digital Consultancy, Universities UK paper)

Why protect your research? Engolden Learn More

Whether you hold sensitive medical data for genetic research or commercially sensitive information, protecting your research is important to you, your institution and your partners.

Who are you at risk from? Engolden Learn More

Hostile state actors are targeting UK universities to steal personal data, research data and intellectual property and this could be used to help their own military, commercial and authoritarian interests.

What are the risks to my research? Engolden Learn More

If your research is obtained by a hostile state actor, whether through legitimate means or not, you and your research could be affected in a number of other ways.

How much of a target are you? Engolden Learn More

Most research will not have any sensitive application and will not cause concern, but being clear on which areas of research are sensitive is critical.

How to protect your research…

Here are some things to consider. You will have other considerations dependent on your context.

  1. Collaborating with research partners
  2. Using legal frameworks
  3. Helping researchers to stay safe
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