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Hostile Reconnaissance

Hostile reconnaissance is the term given to the information gathering phase by those individuals or groups with malicious intent

Last Updated 30 March 2021
Why and how hostile reconnaissance is conducted, and the principles of how to disrupt threats during the reconnaissance phase
CCTV Cameras
The intelligent, co-ordinated promotion of protective security provision to the hostile.
SCaN featured logo
See, Check and Notify (SCaN) aims to help businesses and organisations maximise safety and security using their existing resources
A method of detecting individuals with hostile intentions by observing their behaviours and activities
Man presenting an entry card
Increase awareness relating to fraudulent documentation and improve the vigilance of your security personnel
Woman browsing online
How to ensure your organisations stay secure through the information you publish online.
Security Officers
How to develop and maintain a professional, motivated, and attentive guard force and CCTV team
Front cover of recognising terrorist threat guidance
Guidance CPNI, in collaboration with ACT, is proud to announce the publication of Recognising Terrorist Threats a guide for the security professional.
ACT Winter Vigilance poster 2022
Guidance Counter Terrorism Policing is encouraging organisations, venues and events, to play their part in helping to keep everyone safe this winter
Project Servator is a policing tactic that aims to disrupt a range of criminal activity, while providing a reassuring presence for the public
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