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Security Projects & Initiatives

The modern world is complex, and organisations need to consider a wide range of risks that impact areas such as intellectual property and broader economic wellbeing. Our security projects guidance help organisations to think about these risks and ask the right questions when designing their security programme

Last Updated 30 March 2021
Campaign Secure Innovation, navigating the emerging technology landscape securely. This is a joint campaign between CPNI and NCSC.
Passport security cover page
Guidance CPNI’s Passport to Good Security for Senior Executives sets out 20 principles for effective security management
Campaign Secure the integrity of international research collaboration, which is vital to the continued success of the UK’s research and innovation sector.
Campaign Secure Business, an open approach to international business and engagement to protect your long-term profitability, reputation, and the UK's...
Green and blue upward arrows on a dark blue background
Guidance Consider security early when seeking investment to protect your company and help you prepare for the National Security and Investment Act
Data lock graphic with building in the centre
Guidance Guidance for data centre owners and users. You should use this guidance to inform your own risk management strategy that is unique to your organisation’s...
Supply chain landing image
Campaign Protected Procurement is guidance for businesses and organisations to help embed security across supply chains and to protect from supply chain...
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