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Forcible Attack Resistant Materials (FARM) Project

The overarching objective of the FARM project is to seek and identify materials capable of improving the forcible attack resistance of security products against modern tools

Last Updated 24 February 2021

collection of power toolsOne significant strand of this work is to increase the resistance of building fabric, particularly doors and walls, to battery-powered cutting attacks.

The research has identified, tested and demonstrated a number of materials and mechanisms that have the potential to prevent or hinder powered cutting, adding a delay to associated attack times.

A database has been produced detailing all the research carried out to date within the project. If manufacturers wish to investigate the information further, conduct further development, design and manufacture of security products with greater resilience to these tools they do so at their own resource. 

It is hoped that a reduction in cost and weight can also be achieved when compared to the conventional materials used within these products.

The guidance document provides several aspects of the selection and development of novel infill materials to be installed in the voids of security products (such as walls and doors).  It also provides guidance how to use the materials database.

Please contact CPNI if you require a copy of the database.

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