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SCaN for Security Managers

This page is a dedicated space for security managers to utilise the SCaN tools and guidance available and tailored for security staff

Last Updated 09 September 2021

SCaN for Security - Module 1

SCaN for security managersThis module forms part of the SCaN for Security Managers programme. Those with managerial responsibility can share this with front-line security at an organisation, venue or event to further staff knowledge of hostile reconnaissance and how to help counter it. 

You can find out more about SCaN for Security managers and the wider SCaN programme by speaking to your local Counter Terrorism Security Advisor (CTSA).

This module is tailored for front line security staff. It includes the core SCaN training:

  • See - understanding what hostile reconnaissance is and how to spot it
  • Check - knowing what to do if you suspect hostile reconnaissance or identify suspicious activity
  • Notify - who should you tell and what should you tell them

And includes training tailored for front line security staff:

  • How a hostile thinks and feels when undertaking hostile reconnaissance as part of attack planning
  • How the power of hello can disrupt hostile reconnaissance and suspicious activity
  • What a security operative can and cannot legally do, if they suspect hostile reconnaissance or identify suspicious activity
  • The importance of having and maintaining good situational awareness
  • What to consider when communicating with a face covering

Click to view a subtitled version of the SCaN for Security module.

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