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Security-Minded approach to Open and Shared Data

Information on how open and shared data relates to a Security-Minded approach.

Last Updated 15 October 2020

Data is at the heart of digital transformation and a part of the Government Transformation Strategy. It's important to recognise that better data can inform policy-making and continuous improvement of services.

The Government’s position on open data includes:

  • making it easier to access public data.
  • making it easier for publishers to release data in standardised, open formats.
  • Following a 'presumption to publish' process unless there are clear, reasons (such as privacy or national security) not to do so.

Open data is:

  • accessible (remotely) at no more than the cost of reproduction. This is without limitations based on user identity or intent.
  • in a digital, machine readable format for interoperation with other data.
  • free of restriction on use or redistribution in its licensing conditions.

CPNI have produced a framework for adopting a security-minded approach to the sharing of data. This includes open data. The framework's purpose does not undermine the principles of open data or reduce the benefits of data sharing.

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