Tamper Indication

Tamper indicating equipment can be used to provide physical evidence of unauthorised access to a secure area or object. There are a variety of adhesive and mechanical products available that can be installed to enhance the security of a building, room or container in a variety of scenarios; acting as an overt deterrent and method of detecting access to sensitive information. The detection of unauthorised access should prompt a security alert and appropriate response; and in the longer term, potentially a review of working practices.

This section provides those responsible for the protection of sensitive information with best practice guidance on the need for tamper indication, the development of robust procedures and implementation of approved equipment.

The implementation of tamper indication products should feature in policy and planning scenarios, including:

  • Routine protective security
  • Remote working
  • Transport of sensitive items
  • Contingency and emergencies.

Related Equipment

The implementation of tamper indication products should be considered in conjunction with the following equipment:

  • Hatches
  • Locks and locking devices
  • Pedestrian perimeter gates
  • Secure destruction
  • Security containers
  • Security doors
  • Secure transportation
  • Window protection


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