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Tracking system

Tracking Systems

A tracking system can assist and aid the response force following initial detection of intrusion.

Last Updated 18 November 2020


If, or when, an intrusion into a secure site occurs, the first thing that must happen is detection of the intrusion. Following the initial detection, a tracking system can assist and aid the response force. A tracking system can carry out a number of functions:

  • Identify where an intruder is to assist a faster conclusion to the incident
  • Identify where an intruder has been to assist searching / post event recovery

Automated Tracking

Automated tracking across a site is primarily undertaken in one of two ways:

  • CCTV with Video analytics
  • Radar

The tracking of individuals via video analytics is dealt with under the “CPNI video analytics programme”

See the “Security manager's guide to radar for site security applications” document for a guide to using radar system.

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