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Windell - WLB-TMC

Windell Limited

Windell - WLB-TMC

Category: Glazed Facades

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Mullion to transom connection is comparable to the Lo-blast Façade System, manufactured by Windell.
This detail shown is a CPNI recommended modification of a standard Windell Lo-blast connection detail and is one of the 5 measures that should be incorporated into the design of the stick curtain walling system, to achieve the mitigation protection level detailed in CPNI Guidance Note: Blast Mitigation Measures for Stick Curtain Wall Systems.



Connection details:
Lo-Bl 50 / C100

Drawing number:

Compatible frame system:
Lo-blast Façade System

The CPNI stick curtain wall system mitigation measures focus on five key elements of the façade design. All five of the recommended key elements must be implemented to achieve the hazard reduction.

The five key elements are:

  1. Connection between the façade and the structure
  2. Façade frame 
  3. Transom to mullion connection
  4. Glazing 
  5. Glass retention